Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Magical Floss Day

It's time again...for the event that only happens twice a year. It's Ben's trip to the Dentist. And as always, to commemorate that day, I do the twice a year ritual of Magical Floss Day. See, rather than flossing everyday like the dentist suggests I do, I save up and go all out with a twice a year flossing of epic proportions. My logic may seem suspect to you, but if I just hope long and hard enough, the Magic Floss Fairy comes and removes plaque and tartar build up just in time for my dentist visit.

Hopefully she comes to visit between now and 2:45 or the same routine I go through every other dentist visit will take place again...(as follows)

"Have you been flossing more than last time we talked"

"Well, if I did, we wouldn't have much to talk about when I came to visit."

"Well, if you don't, you'll have gums similar to those of a 60 year old when you're 30."


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