Monday, March 15, 2010

crazy week

Monday: meeting at noon. message prep for tomorrow. Take dinner to Shaina at work. Play in Monday Night basketball League. Get home around 10:30

Tuesday: more message prep. Travel to Baldwin Wallace to speak at their Cru gathering on the topic of Heaven. This begins at 9:00 so I won't be home until around midnight.

Wednesday: Prep for important meeting/staff meeting/important meeting/guys night out with the church (dinner with a Cavs legend then to the Cavs-Pacers game!). Probably home around 10:30 or 11:00

Thursday: Prep for pre marital counseling session/meet with mentor/ pack for weekend/ have pre-marital counseling session. Get home around 9:00.

Friday morning: Shaina and I leave for Chicago.

There's nothing like a storm before the calm.

Really hold to this Rick Warren Leadership maxim:

Divert Daily
Withdraw Weekly
Quit Quarterly
Abandon Annually

Good leaders are good at letting others lead so that they can be refreshed and renewed. I'm not there yet. I need extended time apart to pray and discern...just not going to be in March. Really excited to go with Shaina and quit quarterly. We've never been to Chicago and we let our birthdays and Christmas be focused on saving for this trip. Can't wait!

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