Monday, February 22, 2010

Life Together IV

Bonhoeffer states today that followers of Jesus pray together...specifically they pray the psalms together.

Pretty basic...but why is it that our prayer meeting is likely to be the least attended meeting of our church week?

The Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York sees more people come to their prayer meeting on Tuesday nights than they see in their church on Sundays.

Very simply, authentic prayer is an indication of our need, a resignment to the fact that we yield to an Almighty God. The opposite is true as well. Prayerlessness lets God know where He stands in the big scheme of things. And the interesting thing about God is He doesn't always go the way of relentless pursuit. Sometimes when we indicate we don't need Him, He simply says, 'have it your way.'

Corporate prayer time is all the more powerful because it is a bunch of people gathering and saying collectively, "o God, we need thee!" That desperation is where revival starts.

So how close are you to a new your own journey? your church?...on your campus?

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