Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fat theology

I heard a great illustration today. Imagine you told your child to go and clean her room. If she came back two hours later and told you that she had memorized what you told her...that probably wouldn't please you too much. But then imagine she told you that she even learned what you said in Greek and that later her friends were going to come over and get together to talk about what it would look like to clean her room.

Why is it that our churches think that this approach is what Jesus had in mind? Not to actually go and be church to a world that is hurting, but instead, to believe what Jesus says within our hearts? ABSURD.

The biggest problem with the Christian faith is that our education far outweighs our obedience. We are saturated with information, yet altogether lacking transformation.

So how you going to burn the theological shape and get fitted for the gospel?

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