Monday, February 1, 2010


We had our first Men's Ministry (Manistry?) event last night. It was really as low threatening of an event as could be imagined. Ate some wings, played some cards and cornhole, had some football bloopers playing and just hung out.

Here's five reasons I think the Manistry is a huge deal at our church.

1. Guys need to connect. There's just something about redeemed testosterone piled up in a room livin' life together

2. The Church Needs Godly Men. It has often been stated that women outnumber men in Church by about a 60/40 percentage. Men are often absent. Absent from the pews. Absent from their families (sometimes physically, often times emotionally and spiritually).

3. Men need to get rid of the Adam Plague From the very beginning men have been passive. Adam stood by while Eve took the fruit. Many men have let go of dreaming, let go of taking the initiative and just simply let life happen to them. I am tired of seeing men who work 8 or 9 hour days and then come home and veg in front of the tv until bed.

4. Men need to reclaim adventure as Christ-followers. Church is seen as boring. Jesus is seen as wimpy. And so men surrender their chance to live for a story bigger than themselves, and exchange it for a story that is full of misguided, unhealthy adventures, like alcoholism, sex addiction-either through porn, prostitution or affairs, or vicarious living through the television.

5. The next generation of men need to see the way modeled by Men of God.. Let's face it. You can't put much stock in international superstars as role models. But if men don't step up and take active roles in their kids lives and in boys' lives in general, then they will have as their point of reference, people like Tiger Woods, John Edwards, etc.

I've posted this before...but if you want to encourage your man in his manquest...this is your best bet:

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wood said...

Great event, thanks to all that put this together. hopefully it continues to grow. Disappointed we didnt watch Steeler highlights though.