Friday, January 15, 2010

re: Call

This past week, we had a leadership training that was called "re:Call". It was a chance to explore the history of the Wesleyan movement with the specific question of how the past should inform and impact our future.

Dr. Paul Chilcote, professor at Ashland Theological Seminary brought a unique perspective to the floor as he used hymns written by Charles Wesley that were actually eulogies for Wesleyan women to pay tribute to their lives abandoned to Christ. He used the descriptions of these women of the faith to challenge us as leaders.

The question that was sort've at the heartbeat of his talk was, when we die, what will they sing about us?

Andy Stanley spoke at Passion 2010 the first week of January and his talk was along the same lines. What will our epitaph say at the end of our lives.

I've learned enough since I started following Christ to know that if there is an irony of repetition in messages, themes or scriptures, its because God is trying to instill a sacred echo into our hearts.

So at the end of your life, when its all said and done...are you content with the story you're living or did you trade the big story of faith in Christ and living and breathing God's way for a smaller story that will fail to echo in eternity?

Get busy living...or get busy dying.

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