Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Leadership Thoughts

The most effective leaders have as much or more depth than they have width/breadth.

In other words, if all you have is a wide range of competency and skill, you can not be sustained in leadership.

Depth is the level of character and integrity you possess.

One of the dangers we see daily in our country is the amount of people with knowledge and talent that is a mile wide, and convictions and core values that are an inch deep.

So we get corrupt politicians whose charisma trumps their conviction, we get pastors who disqualify themselves from ministry because their talent overshadowed their integrity. We get pro athletes whose muscles outweigh their morality.

Perhaps the flipside of this is equally as debilitating for people in leadership. Those who focus so much on dos and don'ts...that they never let God tap into their skills and talents that He has wired them with.

So, are you as deep as you are wide?

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