Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Year In Review

So...usually I think Facebook Apps are lame and ignore them like yellow traffic lights.

But I saw this one today...sort've a year in review collage of your facebooks statuses. It was actually meaningful to do this and eye opening to how big a year it was for Shaina and I.

Top Ten Significant Things
-We moved to an amazing new place in Canal Fulton
-We had Elvis come to our church to help us raise money for missions
-I graduated from seminary.
-Shaina and I both could claim one job status for the first time in our marriage.
-We went to Kenya!
-REAL Men of Genius the Manquel was great.
-I got to preach a number of times and phrases like Go and Do Likewise and I'm adopted and Just Walk Across the Room have stuck both for me and for the Church.
-We got a new vehicle (well new to us)
-We retained the gold medal as overall champions for backyard olympics
-Shaina and I hit 6 years of marriage!

There is a lot to be thankful for. What is your year in review?

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