Thursday, December 17, 2009

Got it done.

This is what I was working on. Had an idea to promote the 2010 church preaching plan. Appreciate constructive criticism! I'm no computer extraordinaire, but I'll take it for a 3 hour project! haha. Enjoy.

Church Promo Video from Ben Thompson on Vimeo.


Wood said...

Looks great, and it has a great message. We need a new vision, and I will be real excited to have much much more preaching from the Word vs. books or programs. I think 20/10 vision is not only seeing the forest, but being able to see the detail in the tree in the middle of the forest. Hopefully we will be looking not at a whole book on a Sunday, but the detail in three verses in the middle which can change a life.

Only input Id have is the length seems a bit long, and some of the transitions could be faster, but this is a great video.

Jeff Honnold said...

Ben, love the idea and think that the video conveys the points well. Loved the eyes\out of focus\other images. No question that we as a Church (big C) need to be looking forward and change the way we look at, see and respond to the World. Praying that God directs us all as we look to do his work.

As for the video - Not sure where\how you're planning on using it but I agree with Wood that the length may be a bit long.

Suggestion might be to merge some of the text\images onto the same shot(don't know if your software allows for that).

Also, the change in font sizes from one slide to the next was a bit distracting for my anal mind - that may be less of a distraction by moving the placement of the text around a bit on consecutive screens so that your eye moves around as well (hope that one makes sense).