Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We are not in a Christian culture.

This might be shocking to you.

In Ohio, the big news is that casinos are coming to the state, and I shudder to think of how the church will respond.

I'm sure many will shake their heads and point their finger saying that the world is going to pot. They will become worried that their own lives will be polluted that they will curl up and release their quills at the world.

Others will rally against the bad. Picketing, with anti-gambling jargon, catchy chants, and anger at those who are involved in the process of building, opening and running casinos.

Others will blame the government, the Republicans, the Democrats, the Dan Browns, the apathetic conservative voting contingent...and put a bumper sticker on their car that says 'don't blame me, I voted against casinos'.

But I woke up this morning...still indifferent to bipartisan politics...but pretty interested when I heard that the issue passed. My thought was not about the guys I know who already have serious gambling addictions. It wasn't about how the world's going to hell in a handbasket (whatever that means). You know what I whispered? "God what are you up to?"

The Church has a great opportunity to creatively and powerfully bring light into darkness. What is God going to accomplish with his bride synergized with his Spirit?

My prayer and I hope yours too, is not, "oh God rid the world of evil" but instead, "Oh God, let me be a part of overcoming evil with good." Because we never win when we try to fight notice that? It usually makes the church stoop to new lows that do nothing to bring God fame, and do everything to damage His message of reconciliation and love.

So recognize evil for what it is...but don't point your finger at it, scold it, or curse at it for being evil. Don't make your life cause fighting evil, getting casinos or prostitution or drugs or violence out of your town...JUST ASK GOD HOW HE WANTS TO OVERCOME EVIL WITH GOOD AND THEN JOIN HIM IN THAT JOURNEY.

For God's sake, be the Church.

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