Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What I'm workin' on today

I am really excited about something God is developing at our Church in 2010.

What would happen if potential church leaders would take a year of their lives and devote it to holistic growth, letting God build a foundation in them that is biblically, theologically, emotionally, holistically focused? What would happen if instead of us plugging in potential leaders into areas of vacancy in our ministries, we unleashed them to dream and trust God to uncover their passion and calling? What would it look like to have more adequately trained and rooted leaders in the Church who are ensuring that discipleship is happening in all areas of ministry?

What would happen if we began to see things as God sees them rather than how we see them?

20/10 Vision is essentially perfect vision...It means that you can see from 20 feet what a normal person could see from 10 feet.

But it is also a vision to develop new leaders in 2010 who are called, rooted, equipped and passionate about ministry! It's a small group experience that will challenge participants to see things differently, shape the next movement of the church and draw nearer to the fire that is our Mighty God.

Are you ready for corrective lenses?

2010 Vision: Building the Next Generation of Leaders
"For my eyes have seen your salvation." Luke 2:30

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