Thursday, October 1, 2009

ode to Cleveland sports

Well the Browns are on their way to 0-16. Mangini fined a guy 1700 bucks for not paying for 2 three dollar bottles of water from a Denver hotel. The offense has looked like a peewee football team. So to add to it, we change quarterbacks (demonstrating that we have no idea where the franchise is going.) It's a good thing we traded out of the 5th spot and let the Jets pick Matt Sanchez (3-0 start).
I'm not sure where the silver lining is...maybe that Pittsburgh is only one game ahead of us?

The Indians have limped down the homestretch and the only positive thing about it is that it has forced the organization to fire Eric Wedge. The past few years the team has started terribly but finished fairly strongly, saving Wedge's job each time. He had one good season when everything clicked...but then the team failed in every area that they had excelled in previously. By dealing one of the best pitchers and one of the best catchers in the league, the team has essentially said that its going to be a while until they are competitive again. (Which is a shame because we are in one of the weaker divisions in baseball.) The silver lining in this? Dollar Dog nights won't be nearly as crowded.

Don't forget about the Cavs, they are on their last leg with LeBron. It's title time or firesale time. I like the moves made in the offseason, getting Jamario Moon, Anthony Parker, Shaq, and Leon Powe. But we've got renegade Delonte West ridin' dirty through Baltimore on a tricycle. The pressure is not on LeBron to win a title, the pressure is on Cleveland to win a title. The Silver Lining is that if Cleveland doesn't win, LeBron is likely out and that will make the Browns the hottest ticket in town again...even if its mostly steelers fans buying the tickets.

Cleveland Sports...where the last will truly be the draft.

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2 Hottie said...

At least we have Akron Zips soccer in northeast Ohio.