Friday, October 23, 2009

Double Dog Dare Ya.

Can't tell ya how excited I am about the current series our church is doing. We have embarked on "The Love Dare", a 40 day challenge to renew our view of relationships. It is based off the movie Fireproof, which is inexpensively made with some relatively cheesy acting, but is still powerful and leaves folks crying each time!

Anyways, the concept is that for 40 days we would invest in daily challenges to improve our relationships. The actual devotional book is geared specifically to marriage, but many of the truths found in each day's reading are universal.

Here's my take-away so far after a week of the Dare. Men tend to be thoughtless. Well, there, I said it. I have never given much thought to how little I think about doing little acts of love for Shaina. There are just little things that men can do to be thoughtful to their spouse that go a long way to her knowing our continued pursuit and love for her.

Today, I cleaned up our basement, did a couple loads of laundry and organized a spice cupboard. True love asks how I can serve, not how can I be served.

When we think of blessing others we live Mustard Revolution. Genesis 12:1-3

What thoughtful gesture have you done today for someone else?

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