Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dave and Phibby

Still going through 2 Samuel. This has simply been a rich experience.

2 Samuel 9 depicts King David and lowly Mephibosheth, crippled since youth. Mephibosheth is the sole surviving son of Johnathan, David's best friend. In their friendship, they made a covenant with each other and Johnathan loved David as himself and even protected him from his father, Saul's murder attempts.

Get this...Johnathan was next in line to the throne. He had everything to gain by David's death, but because of their deep friendship, he saves David and ends up losing his life in battle along with his father.

So David establishes his kingdom and seems invincible with God's blessing everywhere he goes...and then David remembers his covenant and seeks out Mephibosheth and more or less adopts him into the kings court, returning his father's land to him and then promising that he would eat each day at David's table.

The mighty King, remembers the lowly and unlovely Mephibosheth and invites him to dine with him...If this doesn't resemble God's act through Christ to reconcile us to Him even while we were yet sinners, then I don't know what does.

We are all invited to the table of the King...only too many of us are more concerned about what to wear or earning our spot there, or preferring to eat at our own McDonalds rather than accept the invitation.

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