Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Catalyst Day Two Part Two

**Shane Hipps

This Porsche advertising executive turned Mennonite pastor talked about how the everchanging gospel message never changes. I followed at times and felt sort of muddied in my thinking at others but he said two things that have stuck to this point. We should be Gardeners of the Gospel not Guardians of the Gospel...meaning we should cultivate it in our lives, and let it grow and go where God wants rather than protect it and keep it from being polluted or diluted. Second he said that there are diamonds in the rock of Scriptures that are yet undiscovered...that just creates a thirst in me to go on a treasure hunt!

***Rob Bell
Vintage Rob Bell. "Sometimes the crowd thins and people leave. If you talk about war and how we live in a country that owns the majority of the world's weapons, people will leave. If you talk about Women and how they are called by God to minister, some even to the pulpit, people will leave. If you talk about the relationship between faith and doubt, people will leave, because the truth of the gospel is offensive."
Bell also referred to the Church as another Eucharist...in other words, our role is to be broken open and poured out for our communities, our nation, our world. Good stuff. IS BIGGER BETTER? IS MORE, MORE?

**Tony Dungy
I think Dungy was the only guy to get a standing 'O' just for coming out on stage. He is doing a lot of good things and has a deep, authentic faith, but the fact that we was celebrated like he was, makes me nervous...but then I was praying yesterday morning and began thinking about my fantasy football team...I digress.
We won't win every game and we may not see the fruit of our labor (Dungy got the Bucs to be a pretty strong team, then got fired...and they won the Super Bowl the very next year without him).

Next entry will wrap up day two...Matt Chandler and Francis Chan!

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