Thursday, October 15, 2009

Abners and Joabs

If you are in leadership, you need to figure out if you have Abners or Joabs surrounding you. 2 Samuel 1-3 talks about the role these two men play as David slowly moves into his role as king of all of Israel. Abner is an ambassador, a diplomat, a peacemaker, who aligns himself with David after Saul's death and the subsequent accusations from Saul's son, Ish-bosheth.

Joab is David's nephew and is impulsive and violent. He has an agenda and often takes that agenda by force.

Joab kills Abner to ensure his own position in David's coming kingdom.

So if you are a leader, make sure you're surrounding yourself with Abners, those who will advocate for you, but who will not act on impulse or violence.

If you're not in leadership, are you an Abner or a Joab? Do you diligently work to be an advocate for your pastor or your boss? Or do you have your agenda, and wish to force that agenda to happen where ever neccessary/possible?

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