Sunday, October 25, 2009

5 Impactful Books

There are books that just move far beyond information into the realm of transformation. Here are five that have done that for me:

1. Leadership and Self Deception--by the Arbinger Institute...One of the more insightful things I've ever read...It is very helpful in understanding the layers of interpersonal relationships.

2. Irresistible Revolution--by Shane Claiborne...Pretty radical book...He actually takes the things said in the scriptures and seeks to live them out in community. He is part of a movement that may become the primary role of the Church, particularly to the Urban Poor.

3. Sex God-- I have not figured out what the big fear is of Rob Bell's teaching. The guy has some incredible insight because he spends time reading and learning from rabbis. Sex God was one of those books that reshaped the lens of the Hebrew Bible for me.

4. Why Sin Matters--Mark on the prodigal son...phenomenal.

5. Work of Heart--Reggie McNeal...Probably the best book I read in seminary and I want to get back to it in the next year or so to let it fester some more.

What are your top 5 books ever read?

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