Thursday, September 17, 2009

Student of the Word

I am slowly, methodically going through 1 Samuel. I thought I'd post how my mind works when reading scripture. In seminary, pastors are trained to go into more detail in this process (which is known as Exegesis). So consider this Exegesis Lite.

1 Samuel 19

Flow of the passage
1-7 Johnathan comes to David's aid.
8-17 Michal comes to David's aid.
18-24 Samuel comes to David's aid.

David: The guy is nothing but loyal to King Saul. He goes out and fights valiantly at Saul's every command. He playes the strings to soothe Saul's torment. He brings victory, wealth and fame to Israel every step of the way for King Saul, but even so, his life is in danger at the hand of the one he is trying to serve.

Johnathan: The loyalty of a friend is as thick as family ties. Johnathan risks everything by speaking to Saul about sparing David.

Michal: To serve my husband David, who God's favor is upon or serve my father Saul, who is becoming consumed with jealousy and hatred?

Saul: I know that God's favor is on another and not me. I am consumed with jealousy because I was the one the people asked for, but now David is the one God is asking for. What can I do? My own family has sided with my biggest threat to the throne. If I don't kill David, I will lose my crown, my people, my family. He must die.

Questions I have about the text:*What is going on with David and Michal owning a human sized idol? Are they polytheist at this time? How does this show David as a man after God's own heart?

*What exactly is meant by the evil spirits and the spirit of God falling on people? Would everyone have recognized the evil spirit of torment or is this just the writer of 1 Samuel's revelation of how things transpired?

*What is going on at the end of the chapter when Saul and the others strip and prophesy naked? Is this standard protocol for the ones prophesying in the OT?

Possible Lessons/Applications
1. God's anointing trumps all else. If God has placed his anointing and call on our lives and we are living wholeheartedly into that calling, it can't help but be known to the world. God's favor gives us victories in battles, gifting to combat evil, and loyalty from those who are aware of God's Presence. What has He called you to? Are you certain you are abiding in His call or simply meeting needs?

2. Jealousy Kills.Whether Saul is successful or not in trying to kill David, one thing is certain, His Jealousy will kill someone, but most often, jealousy will kill the one who is jealous, not the one we're jealous of.

Hope this gives you a glimpse of my hermeneutics (approach to studying scripture).

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