Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Desperate Times...

1 Samuel 13 tells of Saul in a desperate situation. The Philistines are pressing in on him, his own people are losing courage and bailing on him, and he is stuck waiting for Samuel the prophet to come and offer sacrifices. Add to this, that Samuel is late, and Saul's situation is about as dire as it gets. So he makes the call to offer the sacrifices instead of Samuel, who ends up showing up as Saul is doing this. The repercussions are devastating. Saul's kingdom and rule are now more or less ruined and cursed, as God has appointed a new man to take over.

Here's the fact. Desperate Times do not call for desperate measures. They call for desperate leaders. Too many times, Church leaders seek to put out fires, insure that the people are pleased, save face, appease the masses, redirect the vision, compromise the mission, all for the sake of keeping the people from leaving, or because the enemy is closing in, or because God's answers have not shown up yet.

A Desperate Leader doesn't compromise anything, but instead goes to his or her knees crying out for God's intervention. A desperate leader turns to God's Word for lasting comfort rather than turning to his or her own competency or skills to make a quick fix. Desperate Leaders point to God as the solution rather than pointing at circumstances and situations as the problem.

So what is your M.O. in desperate times?

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