Monday, September 14, 2009

A Corny weekend

Had a fun weekend. Got to go golfing at Chenoweth Golf Course in Green. Not an overly difficult course unless you are spraying the ball all over the place. I scored 100 on the dot. yikes.

Also went to the Akron Zips inaugural game in their new football stadium. Saw guys parachute into the stadium, Zippy ride in on a Harley, and the only Ohio football victory of the weekend.

Got home and did some last minute detail work for Sunday, then watched the Buckeyes choke away another one (though to be honest, I was very surprised, they made it a game).

Sunday, our church kicked off our fall series on Just Walk Across the Room and had our second annual cornhole tournament. It was a good turnout, great weather and a competitive tourney. Thanks to all at WUMC who came out to make it a success and for those who helped with set up/clean up as well! My father in law and I won our first round game but then struggled against team Yummy Bears. Off season workout program begins now.

Got home from cornhole and sort've just chilled out the rest of the evening, playing with Shadow and watching some football.

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Jacquelyn said...

And of course, way to go Browns :o)