Monday, August 31, 2009

Smells like Vacation

The small grains of sand between my toes, the ocean breeze on my face, the water still warm from the heat of summer...none of these are in my future.

But I am taking a week off. It is something I need to rejuvenate and gain fresh perspective for the fall. Rick Warren has it right that people need to divert daily, withdraw weekly quit quarterly and abandon annually. If we do this well, our own souls will remain healthy and the organization we are connected to will also grow. If ministries happen only because I am there to spearhead and initiate, I've failed as a leader.

I am going to try something with this vacation. No email. No phone conversations with non-family members unless they are friends not connected to ministry. No blogging. I am going to disconnect. I've decided to post 7 of my favorite blogs from my brief time in the blogosphere. Hope you enjoy. One will come up each day I'm gone.

Vacation begins in t-minus 12 hours.

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