Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Our annual cinderella run in the Church Softball Tourney came to a premature halt last night. We were up 13-8 in the 7th. Gave up 2 runs then loaded the bases and gave up a grandslam to finish the implosion.

I slid for the first (and second) time in probably 5 years...Now I have minimal skin remaining on my leg. Good times.

Combine this with my decision to stay up and watch the Indians last night thinking they could make it 6 in a row. They lost 7-6.

I have a hunch that Cleveland is turning the corner though. I'm hoping that they can make a run in the next month or two and help me to stop loathing on the Browns upcoming training camp. The big question right now is whether Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez will be around to help make that run. Lots of rumors regarding these two guys. I think it would be foolish to trade Lee. He is around for next year and could help the tribe compete next year.

Hopefully the let downs of last night will be completely erased by the 3rd annual LEGENDS CUP. My buddy Scott and I will be putting our 8 men teams up against each other on Saturday for the ultimate golf competition. My team has won the Cup both years and I'm looking for the 3 peat.

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