Thursday, July 2, 2009

Devotion and Sacrifice

Can you imagine asking the Lord for one thing with all your heart? Saying, "Alright God, this is my heart's sole desire, please give it to me." Then, as God delivers on that prayer request, you vow to give it up...the one thing you've wanted and yearned vow to give it back to give it away.

I'm not sure I fully comprehend something like this. Usually if I am pleading to God for something specific, it is because it meets a need of mine. Why would I give it up?

I'm reading 1 Samuel for July and I was struck by Hannah in the opening chapter. She is the more loved wife, but she is barren. So even though she has Elkanah's love and receives special treatment, she rejects that treatment in order to petition God for the one thing she does not have, a child.

In her exchange with God, pleading and crying before Him to provide, the priest Eli (who may be described as questionable, based on chapter one),thinks she is drunk. But she is given a child and keeps honor by taking him to be dedicated to the Lord's service.

What would happen if we understood God's provision solely as a means to bless God? Would it change our financial management? The way we raise our children? Our spouse? The list goes on and on.

What blessing do you need to pay forward to the Lord?

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