Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dear wife

Dear wife,
I know I told you to take 76 west until it ran into 83 and as you discovered, the two roads never intersect. I know it made you end up behind a train, stuck for 10 minutes in standstill traffic for one lane construction and then behind a grandpa who was going 30 in a 55 on hilly curvy terrain that gave you no chance to pass.

I know that any one of those driving instances would make your blood boil. Add to that the fact that I made you late for work and I'm pretty certain I could hear your blood vessels popping through your head from here.

But even though you wasted twice as much gas and now have to work longer days later in the week, my plan worked beautifully as I got to talk to you two extra times on the phone.

I love you schnookums

Your own personal lesson in patience,


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