Friday, July 17, 2009

bucket list

There are some things that I have been thinking about that I would like to compile into a list of goals I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Some are spiritual, like completing a Lenten 40 day fast on bread and water, to learn true dependence and what it means to have God as my portion.

Some are sport oriented. I wouldn't mind climbing a mountain at some point to raise money for charity or something. I would also like to put 5 golf courses on my list to play in my lifetime (particularly St. Andrews, Sawgrass and maybe Turnberry (where the British Open is this year).

Some are family oriented. I would love to spend time writing out the scriptures with my own commentary notes to give as a gift to my kids. The time it would take would be substantial, but there is no greater gift I can give my family than a passion for God's word.

Some are personal, like maybe reading through the top 50 all time best selling books or something like that.

So I think I will compile a bucket list. Because if we dream big, we are less likely to get bogged down in the monotany.

So...what dream experience would top your list?

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