Saturday, June 6, 2009


Another powerful day.

We changed it up a little and went to a university today. The young adults we interacted with were amazing. I believe they will be friends with us on facebook soon enough!

In the afternoon, we went back to Mangu and had a meeting with the grandmothers of the E.G.G.S. Initiative. Dozens of grandmothers came (walking miles to get there) We showed up really late, which seems to be a Kenya thing (they call it 'Kenya time'). They brought many of the orphans they are caring for. Some powerful images from today. It is neat to see the team working hard and finding their talents/passions and just being used by God in some cool ways.

Pastor Ben asked me tonight if I would preach tomorrow. He said the preaching part is usually an hour long...I said I'd give him 15 minutes if he could do the rest. 12 hours notice for preaching is pretty quick to speak God's word for an hour. So Pastor Ben and Pastor Ben (I technically graduated today!) will tag team a service that apparently lasts 4 hours long.

It's time for bed. After the worship service, a soccer tournament championship will be held with Jay, Kyle and Devan officiating. Greg and I will be heading to pick up all the wood for the chicken coop extravaganza we are planning for Monday.

God is good.

Pray for the preaching and the soccer outreach!


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