Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kenya Reflection 1

This is the story of a bunch of kids, a whole generation of kids, kids with dreams, ambitions, hopes, and passions. Kids like every other kid, desiring love, affection, to be inspired, encouraged, delighted in. But these kids have no mother. They have no father. They have no money. They have no education.

Who will be the voice of the orphan? Who will tell their story?

The culture shock is real right now. Shaina observed within 5 minutes of returning to Wadsworth that people treat their lawn, they mow their lawn, some even water their lawns...and kids are starving, unloved and uneducated all around the world. We sit in houses with too many rooms for us to use, while a makeshift family of a grandmother and multiple orphans pile in a one room shack made of mud and sticks, sleeping next to chickens. Something is not quite right.

Its time for change.

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