Thursday, May 28, 2009

It is finished...

had my last class at ATS yesterday afternoon. It was biblical aramaic. Not sure if I would have guessed that three years ago when I started. I'm coming down the home stretch. Got a 7 page paper and a take home final left to complete by Monday. I am really not sad to be done with school. The whole time has been somewhat grueling. The best was when Shaina and I were working a total of 5 jobs between us and I was going to school full time.

Maybe the reason I am most excited to be done is for Shaina. Since we've been married, she has worked at a car dealership that seems to have had connections to drug sales as well...managed a Wendy's where she arrived each day before 6 a.m. to open the store...worked her butt off for minimum wage at a fruit farm...then for minimum wage at a pizza shop...and then finally at Kohls where she has worked her way up from a part time peon to fulltime management.

The road ahead is still bumpy, 7 years of school loans to pay off, life in ministry where sometimes, there is little joy, little fellowship and little evidence of making a difference. But Shaina and I have truly delighted in each other through every step. Maybe the area I am most thankful for about our marriage is the amount of laughter we share even in the midst of some junk. Here's to the end of a long road of school. Don't celebrate too long...we've got a plane to catch! haha.

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