Thursday, May 14, 2009

Creatures Creating

In my worship design class on Monday, we had a group lead us in a time of worship based on the creation account of Genesis 1. The devotional 'sermonette' was based on humanity as co-creators with God. This is interesting to think about...that God's creativity resides within God's creatures. I have some thoughts on this...maybe I will get to them some time soon.

Not today though. At one point in the service, we were encouraged to worship through creativity. There were water colors, markers, magazines to do collage type stuff and just blank paper to write on. It was a really cool time to just express ideas/themes that were given by God. I spent some time writing some poetry/lyrics...I used to do this frequently, but not in a long time. I was enamored with the breadth of God's creative genius...Here's what I came up with in 10 minutes.

You Made the stars, the planets, the galaxies.
You Made the brain, the liver, the patella tendon.
You made this heart
Now make it beat with yours.

You made the cow, the platypus and the armadillo.
You made the manger, the cross, and the tomb
You made this life
Now make it rise with yours.

You made the Sudan, the Rockies, the Pacific
You made these eyes, these ears annd these feet
You made these bones of mine
Now breathe them back to life.

Make me New, Take me to
The quiet place of still water.
Let me drink deeply. Make me new
Make me new, Make me new
You make all things new.

How do you connect with God through creativity?

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