Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cheesy Christian Buzz Words

There's a few words out there that the Church is hanging their hats on in hopes of reinventing or reinvigorating the Cross Movement. Here's my take on a couple of them

-Everybody is engaged in this discussion of how the Church can be relevant to our culture in the 21st century. So well intentioned people try to become relevant in their churches/ministries/communities.
-Unfortunately, the creativity that we put into being relevant is pretty weak. We think that if we show a cool video clip, play the right songs, have the state of the art website, ___________ fill in your own blanks, then all of the sudden the church will be relevant to people.
-There may be some truth or possibilities in this, but let me say this...As long as there are messes, pain, loneliness, pride and heartache in the world, then THE CHURCH IS RELEVANT. The problem is that for most of us in the church, the cross is only semi- or moderately relevant to our lives. If God became the only thing relevant to us, the world would take note!

-There's this notion in Churches that people are generally inauthentic. What they look like on Sunday morning is a facade compared to how they look and live the rest of their week.
-So a movement to share life together has developed. That we are REAL with each other about struggles, pain, dreams, victories and defeats.
-I'll be honest, I think a lot of us love this word, but aren't doing a single thing to move towards experiencing this word in our relationships.

-This word is all over the seminary...focusing on "going and being" the Church to the world. Again this word is a fine word, but its an even better movement.

Some times in our churches we get so hung up on clarity and definitions, mission statements, vision statements, goals, core values, and the like that we forget to put any of the words into motion.

Jesus tells us to "Go and Do Likewise" right? Maybe that'd be a Missional Step in the Authentic Direction toward Relevance?

Where has your church been living in Authentic, Missional Relevance??

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