Thursday, May 21, 2009

Catbirds and Waxwings Oh My

The Cedar Wax Wing is an interesting bird, gray in color, with a bright yellow tipped tail, red dots on both wings and a black colored mask over its eyes.

Shaina found about 20 of these hanging out in our holly berry trees devouring all the berries a couple weeks ago. I'd never seen anything like them so we googled it and sure enough, we found it.

Then not too long after that we started hearing this bizarre dying cat noise, like a cat was repeated being stepped on and crying out. After a quick google search, we discovered that we did not have a dying cat but a living Cat Bird. It is solid gray in color. When I went to find a picture of it, I found the one above, which was funny so I went with it. You can listen to its catcall here. Click "Mew Call".

First flowers, now birds. Manpoints are floating out of my life.

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