Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shakin' off the preachin' clothes.

For those wondering if a 9-1 drubbing on opening day is going to deter me from picking the Indians to win the Central, have no fear...I bet we can win a pennant with no offensive production, horrendous starting pitching and mediocre relief.

Meanwhile, I am amping up for the message for Good Friday Service this week. I am excited for how the service is taking shape. If you are not of a tradition that has service on Good Friday or if you aren't of any tradition at all, you should come check it out. I haven't preached since November, so I'm feelin' a bit rusty, but I am excited to bring a message from the Lord on a dark and solemn day in the church calendar.

7 p.m. Wadsworth UMC
195 Broad Street
Wadsworth, OH

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