Sunday, April 12, 2009

My dog...

So yesterday's a fairly big day. It would be the first time that most of our young adults had ventured to our new place. So there was a lot that had to be done. Including a trip to Church to pick up some supplies for the dinner. Shaina worked in the morning so I headed out in our truck (which is only 4 years from being a 20 year old). I brought Shadow the dog with me. The day before I had picked up some plastic easter eggs and some a bag of starbursts and Airheads to put inside the eggs for a little fun thing I'd concocted for the dinner. I had left those in the truck inside a walmart bag. I went inside the church got the stuff I needed and returned to the truck opened the door and there is Shadow...

Going to town.

She'd torn open the tied WalMart bag. She'd ripped open the bag that the easter eggs came in and they were all over the floor. She'd ripped open the starburst bag and the airhead bag and she had unwrapped about 10 of the airheads and eaten them and shed eaten the starbursts...every single one of them...wrapper and all.

So I half scolded her and half laughed at the situation and went home. Good ol Shadow then times it at about 2 p.m. to realize her tummy may not have liked all the starbursts and starburst wrappers and she yacks all over the carpet in the dining room, where the majority of our evening would take place.

I hurried to get her outside and then cleaned up the yack...usually I can barely stand to do that because the stench makes me want to yack as well...but surprisingly, the scent was not of stench but of fruity rainbow deliciousness.

In about a half hour the stain was mostly erased. I went outside and she had yacked on the sidewalk where everyone would have to walk to get inside the I had to clean that up as well. But 4 p.m. came and the two piles of yackdom were no where in sight.

(The only snafu in this huge cover up was that during the outdoor easter egg hunt, yack pile three was discovered by one of the young adults...(sorry Jake!))

So Ben loves pizza, Shaina loves chocolate and Shadow loves all the major food groups covered.

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Becky said...

I couldn't quit laughing while reading this one. Shadow is too funny and your description of the yack and the fact that you could clean it up because it smelled fruity was too much. Hopefully the dinner went well aside for the yack issues. Hope you had a Happy Easter!