Thursday, April 9, 2009

Master of my domain

I went golfing Sunday afternoon. First time out of the year is always interesting. I hit the ball fairly well all day...until I had to use the flatstick...I have no touch and no confidence on the green haha.

The Masters is this weekend which happens to be a really busy weekend on the Church Calendar, so I won't catch much of it, though I may see a little bit on Sunday afternoon, while working on Greek.

One of the cool sites out there for you local golfer types is Chippewa Golf Club. You can sign up for free for their fantasy golf and each week, you can pick 5 golfers (spending up to 1 million dollars) to try to win against the other golfers. Top four places get a prize...They vary from week to week, but for the Majors the prizes get pretty sweet (a Nike Driver is the top prize this week). Other weeks you can win free golf. Now I know you might think that my inviting you to join in the fun is lessening my chances of winning, but my hunch is that if you win free golf, you will want to show gratitude to the guy who hooked you up with the opportunity and want to take him as part of your foursome.

This week, I'm rooting for Tiger, Padraig Harrington, Briny Baird, Bubba Watson and Rory Mcilroy.

Tee her high and let her fly!

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