Monday, March 16, 2009

Sigh of Relief

Finals are officially done. 35 pages of sheer brilliance, a Greek final that only had 10 questions but took two hours and a presentation on war and pacifism and my quarter is in the books. I am officially 8/9 of the way to the Promised Land. One more quarter to go.

But first a break. You ever have something where you had low or minimal expectations and then the reality turned out to be fantabulous? Well last week I had finals all week and then knew I had to come back for class today (Monday) so I was looking at a short spring break from tuesday-friday and then back at it the following Monday. It turns out that I have a whole second week off! Life is good.

I have ordered my books for the last quarter of my master of divinity. I am taking the max of 4 courses: Worship Design, Theology I, Greek III and Introduction to Biblical Aramaic. I wish I was ending with theology of naps or sports ministry 101, but this will challenge me instead to end strong. The thing I will miss about seminary more than any other thing is studying the Hebrew of the OT. I can't believe I'm saying that but I have loved it!

Time for bed.

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