Tuesday, March 3, 2009


You ever been locked in on a project or a game? So dialed in that if someone wanted to stop you, they wouldn't be able to?

That was my night last night. I play in a weekly basketball league and our team is pretty miserable. But we were playing another team near our record so we had some hope.

Everything I threw up at the basket was going in. 3 pointers, and-1 layups, freethrows...at one point I thought there were some Cavs Scouts looking at me, but it was just some old guy.

Then halfway through the second half, when people were whispering that I may be the next LeBron, I was playing defense (my first mistake) and a guy crushed my Schnauz with his forearm. Instant blood on the floor, blood all over me...good times.

Needless to say I wasn't quite locked in the rest of the evening. The Lord humbles the haughty. Meanwhile I had a couple more bloody nose moments then after the game. We did win by 20 however and I notched a career high (haha) 37 points. We are now tied as the second worst team in the league. Look out top seeds in the tourney, we're coming for ya...even if I have to look like Wally.

On the plus side, Cavs beat the Heat in Miami to finish up a tough road trip 3-1. They have taken over as the best record in the East, knocking the Celtics out of the top spot. Something special is happening in Cleveland this year...does anyone care?

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