Monday, March 23, 2009

How's your bracket?

I filled out four different brackets and all of them are middle of the pack. If Oklahoma wins it all, I have about a 1 in 5 chance of getting a free 2009 membership to Chippewa Golf Club.

If Pitt wins it all, I have a decent chance of claiming bragging rights with my family.

If UNC, Syracuse and Purdue all win and then UNC keeps winning, I have a good chance of claiming bragging rights with some of my buddies.

If Purdue beats UCONN and Memphis, and Pitt wins it all, there is a slim chance I could win bragging rights with the Real Men of Genius.

Here's my predictions...

whoever comes out of the SOUTH bracket will probably win it all. UNC is tough all over the court, Oklahoma is strong in the paint and Syracuse has veteran guards who are keeping them rolling. I think it is the toughest region in the tournament. I am not impressed with Pitt or Louisville so far in the tourney, but UConn has been strong. I think UConn vs. UNC is a likely final, though I am rooting for Purdue to help my brackets.

Who's your early favorites to be in the championship? How's your bracket?


Wood said...

Took a hit with Wake Forest losing, I had them going to final four. Midwest brakcet is a mess, ther rest of mine are still good. NC - Memphis in the final, Memphis comes out at the top.

Jeff Honnold said...

Main bracket I've got all but two of the sweet sixteen but don't expect long-term success. Conn and UNC in final with UNC on top.