Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This has been a rough couple of weeks. Internet is still not working at home. I need your prayers. I've hit a wall and I really need to bust through it to 1) take care of the things that need taken care of with moving into a new place as well as pay attention to the car and truck issues we are currently having. 2) battle through my school work and persevere. 3) be upheld in ministry to accomplish what is necessary as opposed to what seems urgent.

How can I pray for you?

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Anonymous said...

I am praying for you! I hope last night went well! Just an FYI for you....Jamie Zakikkian, becoming new members, has a talent with cars and I sure would be able to help you out if you need anything. He has truly been thankful for all the help the church has given his family and I know he would love to give back in some way...give him a call!