Monday, February 23, 2009

One Step Closer

Our mission trip to Kenya is slowly nearing reality.

We have secured our plane tickets with a security deposit.

We still have about $10,000 to raise, but God has been faithful at each step and has shown me that when something is stirred up by Him, it will happen.

Here are just a couple neat vignettes of how God is working.

Two weeks ago, I got connected with a former coach of a couple of the young adults going on the trip. His name is Devan and he is a native of Jamaica and has a heart for underpriveleged kids. He is combining his heart for these kids and his skills and passion for soccer and he is going to join us in Kenya and run a soccer clinic for the kids there! With two of our young adults still actively playing soccer, this clinic is a perfect fit.

We found out that leaving on June 17th, which was our original plan resulted in $2500 plane tickets per person. If we moved our departure date up to June 1, it would knock about $1000 off the total per ticket. So we have changed our dates a little bit and will save $11,000! God is good. The bittersweet part is that I will miss my final week of classes in seminary. I will have to get my work done in 9 weeks instead of 10!

If you are curious how you can help us finish our fundraising, you can come to our Mission Auction on March 21. There will be goods like cavs tickets, week long getaways, etc. or services, like piano lessons, graduation party service, etc. to bid on. $15 a ticket and you get some great food and fun.

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