Monday, February 23, 2009

In Sync

Monday night, I was up at the seminary after class hammering out a paper for evangelism class (have I mentioned the end of this quarter is killer?)

I was sitting in the student center which has some booths and a foosball table as well as ping pong and pool. There was a father and daughter in there with me who are from China. The daughter maybe 6 years old was practicing the piano and the father was sort've just hanging out making sure she kept on task.

There was one point where this little girl was tackling a more challenging piece (for a six year old). The father came over and started tapping the top of the piano to keep beat. I looked up and watched the girl who then got on beat with her father and even her little foot which was 6 inches off the ground was tapping in sync with the father.

I felt the Lord whispering about repentance in that moment. Coming clean before the Lord is getting back to in sync with him. Too often we 'march to the beat of a different drummer' but God our Father is seeking for us to synchronize our lives with his.

So where are we getting out of sync? I've been watching a lot of tv lately. This whole having cable for the first time in a few years is enticing. I love to turn on the cavs games and watch and Shaina has made me a sucker for Law and Order, but I can feel myself getting out of sync with the Lord. When it gets down to it, tv is absolutely pointless. In the big scheme of things, there are far bigger purposes out there than us sedating ourselves with stupid entertainment. You know what one of the biggest curses in our culture is? TiVo. I said it. People record hours of shows which eventually they will watch, which means hours of life wasted. They also don't have to be committed to anything. If we can even be non-committal about our tv watching because we are in control, it doesn't bode well for our faith.

God's calling me to be sold out to him, committed to his purposes and his people and I have become non-committal and complacent. What messages do we send future generations when they are more likely to learn their sense of right and wrong from television than from our lives?

Where are you out of sync?

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