Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heaven and Hell

so we wrapped up daniel in my our young adult group. It was a good, challenging study that for me at least left more questions than answers. The book is written in two languages, seems at times to be so precise in its prophetic predictions that it must be a book written after the events happened, but it inaccurate in other predictions which suggests it is telling of future events.

We ended in an interesting question/discussion about eternal life (Daniel 12:1-3) This is one of the only Old Testament allusions to resurrection life. We tied that in to Matthew 7 where it talks about the narrow and the wide ways, the house built on rock and on sand and the bad tree and the good tree.

If we read these passages, they sure do seem to indicate that one eternal location is a little more populated than we'd like to think and the other is far less crowded that we anticipate.

So where is the humble urgency? Here is a sermon that my friend Lori sent me. I think it has some challenging pieces to it. Take an hour and instead of watching that law and order episode you've seen countless times, or reading all the lame blogs out there (this one excluded of course), tell me what you think...its directed at youth, but adults are as much in the same boat if not more. (I do have some reservations about this message, but agree with more than I disagree with.)

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