Thursday, January 22, 2009


Rock and Roll's King is coming out of his 40 year hibernation for a benefit concert to help fund the trip to Kenya that I am leading for 12 young adults. It will be a semi-formal to formal dinner and concert on February 7 at 7:00 p.m. at Wadsworth United Methodist Church.

I haven't posted on the Kenya trip in a while but things are moving along with this. We have a lot of fundraising to do in the next few months and we need your support!

This really is a mission that is life giving and life saving

We will be building a chicken coop for a school in Kenya. The kids there often go 2-3 days without eating anything. How can they focus on education? How can their self-esteem be high? How can they succeed and beat poverty? This chicken coop will provide them with enough meat and eggs to eat daily and receive the necessary nutrition kids require to be healthy. We're not just talking for a day or a week but essentially throughout their schooling. And we're not talking about 50 kids or 100 kids but 500 kids. We will also spend time teaching these same kids about AIDS awareness which is obviously a huge need and life saving message as well.

I can't emphasize the significance of this anymore than I have. The cost for each young adult to go is $3200 and we have been actively pursuing many different means of funding, but it is getting closer to crunch time and this is a big fundraiser for us. Please come support us, but more importantly support these kids. $30 for a ticket. $200 for a table of 8.

The fancy valentines dinners and expensive gifts...the roses that wilt in a week's time...why not do something with your sweetheart that is more worthwhile and come to our event! Or just bring a group of friends and get a table of 8 and have a blast together while impacting the world.

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