Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

This is truly a neat week in our nation's history. The timing of inauguration is especially meaningful this week as it happens the day after celebrating MLK Day. What king fought for (nonviolently mind you) is now being realized to some extent today in the initiation of the first African-American President this country has seen. In the words of the profound wordsmith Jay-Z "(Rosa)Parks sat so King could walk so Obama could run." It is a movement in the right direction, but I am leery.

In some areas of this country race still matters. I have heard utterances that black people only voted for Obama because he is black (utterances of white people). I wonder if we are as far as we think. Nonetheless, today is monumental in history.

So, what one issue, global, national or otherwise would you appeal to Obama to most wholeheartedly address?
The two wars?
Global Warming?

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steven said...

obviously the most important issue Obama has to deal with is instituting college football playoff system