Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ed rocks it, Lee...not horrible

Went to After Edmund and Leeland last night in ashland. Two very different bands. After Edmund was a way better performance. At one point, they had two drummers, one banging away on a toddler-esque drumset and the other going nuts on the real set. The last song they did, "Thank God" (below) was great. High Energy, strong vocals and the guitar player chucked his guitar around himself twice using the strap on his neck. The keyboard player was standing on his keys at one point...crazyfun.

Leeland was altogether different. They has almost 0 style as a band, and Leeland struggled (talking...he quoted 1st Colossians...really? lol...and playing...He struggled through a song that was just him and the keyboard.) While his lyrics are more profound and spiritually moving and in general his set was more worshipful, I am just not amped up about their sound. All in all though, a good show.

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