Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shadow update

For all of you loyal blog followers, Shadow, Shaina and I's 8 year old dog is still not eating...but she is drinking water now pretty consistently. The funny thing is that if you mix even the slightest bit of chicken or beef broth in the water, she won't touch it. But what will she drink? water with gatorade mix in it! For whatever reason, Glacier Freeze has caused her to come and drink.

The next step is to call the vet tomorrow...We have to decide whether we want to go the route of extensive bloodwork to try to find the problem or just let nature take its course and see where we end up. She still has energy though! Shaina took her to the local park which we do all the time in the summer and just like her normal self, she jumped in the creek and waded around. Of course the creek is probably about 40 degrees and she may end up with pneumonia on top of everything else! haha.

All this for a dog right?

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