Friday, December 12, 2008

My dog is in rough shape

My puppy dog is struggling. She hasn't eaten in a few days and has barely drank any water. She has some sort of fungal skin issue that has caused her to gnaw her backside till it got infected. She's lost a ton of weight and I'm sorta bracing myself in case she doesn't rebound from the meds she was on.

I know she's just a dog. I get that. It just so happens that she's the coolest dog ever and so if she's dying, that sucks. Shaina and I have been on a roller coaster with life the past few years and Shadow has been the comic relief.

Switchfoot's right, The Shadow Proves the Sunshine. hehe.

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Mary Beth said...

Well, hopefully our little Shadow will perk back up. Tell her all her buddies from SC are coming to visit and help her feel better! Love you, Shaina and Shadow!!