Sunday, December 21, 2008

The king is born

Corporate Worship today was meaningful. I don't mean to say that its not typically, but my heart was in a better place than most places and I was able to concentrate on who God is. Here were three things that stuck with me.

1. The music matters.
I have been involved in worship bands/church for about 8 years now. There are songs that I am calloused to. Its probably more of my issue than anyone else's, but I do not want to sing Lord I Lift your Name on High. Frankly, if I never Shout-ed to the Lord again I would be ok. Trading my Sorrows often brings me more sorrow than relief get the picture.
Today everything we sang was 2000 or later and for an a.d.d. person from an a.d.d. generation, that matters.

2. "Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room"
Our Pastor had some anointed words today. Here were a couple things that stuck out.
"Christmas isn't Deck the Halls. It's Joy to the World"
"Christmas only makes a difference if we prepare room for Christ in our hearts."
"Obama is not the savior. We need to pray for and support him so that he can do his job, but he can not and will not save us"

It struck me...Christmas is not about family, its not about presents, its not about festivities, parties, cookies (although maybe its a little bit about cookies? lol). It is about the ADVENT of the MOST HIGH and ETERNAL King. God has established a beachhead in enemy territory by bringing Christ into the world as a human. If this does not affect our thoughts, our activities or the way we live our lives in general, then, Christmas is another irrelevant Hallmark occasion.

3. I have too many hopeful saviors. I expect government to afford me the things I believe I'm entitled and save me from anarchy. I expect financial advisors and treasury folk to save me from financial chaos. I expect my wife to save me from a fear of loneliness. I expect my friends to save my from my fear that I am not well-liked, cool enough, or popular.

Flat out...these are idols and sabotage my relationships. CHRIST IS SAVIOR. He alone can save and redeem. I need to humbly and repentantly (not a word) come to the savior and more fully enter into my own salvation/redemption story and point others to the story God is working out in their hearts too.

So...what or who do you expect to save you that will fail?

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courtney said...

my pride and self-righteousness. I am nothing apart from Him. thanks for sharing.