Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Cuban Pizza Prophet II

I mentioned my friend Luigi a few months ago. He is from Cuba and has just entered the American culture and has some interesting observations and some prophetic admonitions...He hit a couple more home this morning.

"You Americans only talk about prosperity. I found out when I came to America that there was a Christian TV station and I was excited but the preachers on there are bad."

"Do any of your preachers talk about salvation in this country?"

"All you do in church here is procedures. When they raise their hands or dance its because that's what they are supposed to do. Where is the Holy Spirit? You need the Holy Spirit."

This last one is sort've gut wrenching. If church is merely procedures, we have failed as the people of God.

So a question that has been on my mind lately, If the Holy Spirit left your church would there be any noticable difference?


steven said...

funny you should post that question, cuz sunday, my pastor said a similar question that was asked to him, If your local church doors closed; would anyone, besides members and regular attenders, care? thankfully, heather and i have been blessed by finding this church, because for our church the answer is yes, because we are involved in the community and in the local school district which is amazing in itself. hmm this just turned in to my own little blog. sorry

steven said...

and to your question yes i think alot would change if the holy spirit left our church but many churches prolly wouldn't notice a change.