Thursday, October 30, 2008

so far...crap.

Earlier today I posted that things were going well during this chaotic week. They still are, sort of.

I had some down time today...I needed to get to the church. I was going to leave at 4, then I decided I'd leave towards 4:30 and grab some dinner on the way. I watched some funny youtube videos for a half an hour...then I clicked on one more and said to myself...last one.

I then almost stopped at Sam's Pizza, where Shaina was working for dinner. Instead I decided I would just go to Wadsworth, go to the other end of town and pick up Taco Bell. I did that, tried to get them to substitute a nacho for a taco and they wouldn't let me...that's another post.

I took the taco bell and typically, I would pull into a spot and eat then drive, but today I decided I would eat at the church. I started driving on 94. Typically I take 94 all the way through town and then turn on the church's street. Today I was in the left lane and happened to catch a green left turn arrow at one of the lights early on the trip...Since I had an opening and sometimes missing all the lights on 94 makes the trip faster, I took a left. I then took a right onto Highpoint and began heading toward the church. I saw a squirrel on the road, so I slowed to a complete stop, and the squirrel scampered into the yard.

I began accelarating, and about 200 yards later, out of the corner of my eye a dog darts out from the yard onto the street and collides with my front passenger side. I come to a stop, pull in the nearest drive and start going back to the dog...3 women and a little boy are already surrounding it. I pick the dog up to take it to the nearest car to run it to the vet, but I can tell things are not heartbeat...dead dog. I now have blood all over my shirt and jeans and it has soaked through onto my undershirt and through that onto my skin. Good freaking times.

The neighbor (thank God for her) helps me dig a hole to bury the poor thing in the owner's backyard. She informs me that the dog was their first ever pet...They were going through tough times because she had lost her husband not too long ago who died at the age of 24 of an aneurism. I decided she didn't need to tell me that.

Buried the dog...went back to check on the owner and her 4 year old son...she's still crying and I offered a second apology and she said I just needed to watch my speed. I silently nodded and that was that...I had bloodstained clothes, mudclodded shoes and hands, a messed up fender and wheelwell and a cold taco (I wanted a nacho anyways) and I lost the hour I was planning to use to organize the murder mystery dinner...The day could have gone better.

I'm not feeling too bad about things though, don't get me wrong. I couldn't have been going more than 25 miles per hour and the dog was running from the opposite side of the street to the owner's house. It stinks and it was sad...but for whatever reason I don't think this story...or this blogpost is quite finished yet. Why did I wait the extra half hour, choose taco bell, choose the left turn I never make and come to a complete stop for a stinkin' squirrel? To kill a dog? I think there's more to this than that doggone it.

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Jeff Honnold said...

OK, your early evening sucked. I was glad to see you in SHOP. You're body and mind have to be going at about 342.7 MPH and you've got midterms. I felt for you, I really did. You looked beat down hard tonight.

Then I read this post - I think, man, I can't believe what he had to go through tonight. I mean - the taco\nacho thing was bad enough...but the dog, too? And then I read those last two words and absolutely loose it! Brother, you've got a spirit about you that I pray I have someday! I have no idea what God has in store for you - I just want to be there because He will use you to build His Kingdom.

The only problem is, Saturday night's Murder Mystery Dinner is officially ruined for me now. I mean, heck - I already know who done it!