Monday, October 27, 2008


Monday Morning Meanderings-I am sitting in Starbucks, reading deep theological treatises for this evening’s class. This week we are studying Ecclesiology, or “church”. I’ve read 100 pages on what different people from different traditions have had to say about what church is and who church is. One line from theologian Michael Jinkins (quoting the church fathers) really sticks out… “There is no salvation outside the church.” This is loaded, but I believe it is true. God’s redemption is meant to take place in the context of COMMUNITY.

-I see that longing for community here at Starbucks (though many including myself would shudder at connecting Starbucks to anything positive about God…that’s another post). Husband and wife sit across a table sharing coffee, conversation and gazes. Friends catch up and share their struggles, hurts, fears, victories and excitement. Community is a longing of every person’s core.

-It’s snowing. I think God is calling me south.

-I have a crazy busy week with midterms, cooking for our Wednesday Night Small groups night at the church, important meetings with area young adult leaders to discuss what might be “rising up” for the next generation of Christ followers in Wadsworth. Then, we have a huge fundraising day on Saturday with pizza assembly and delivery, then our first ever Murder Mystery Dinner. I am already aiming for Saturday night when I am bed at midnight and the week is over…good or bad…its over.

-I need God. Not just ‘cuz I have a busy week, but because he is the source of life. I am empty without him. I really am. I have nothing to offer apart from him.

-I didn’t do much schoolwork yesterday (Sunday). I laid on a couch and watched football and napped for a good portion of the afternoon. I used to feel horrible about that…not anymore. I need one afternoon where I can just disconnect. Combine my time of resting with a Browns win and a Steelers loss and all in all, it was a great day.

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Wood said...

Im glad the Steelers helped you with some "margin" this week. Although they and the Rays lost, I did enjoy some margin myself.